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Transmorpher 1.0 available

Fluxmedia and INRIA are pleased to announce the availability of Transmorpher 1.0.

Transmorpher is a software tool for defining and processing complex transformations of XML documents. It can accept external transformations (e.g., XSLT stylesheets) and provide a simple transformation language offering unit transformations (suppression, renaming, regular expression substitutions and query facilities). In addition to generating, transforming and serializing XML documents, it features constructors like merging, dispatching, querying, iterating, and composing transformations. These transformations can have several input and output streams. New implementation of these constructors can be plugged in Transmorpher. Transmorpher can be used as a compiler, an interpreter, a Ant task, a Servlet generator or embeded in another program.

Transmorpher 1.0 is written in Java 1.3. It is the first full implementation of Transmorpher as presented in [1]. This version does not put emphasis on performances that we will consider in ulterior version but on functions. Transmorpher takes advantage of external resources (XML parsers, XSLT servers, Regular expression substituers and many other optionnal components). A graphic user interface, FlowComposer (, is under development at Fluxmedia.

Transmorpher is available to everyone (sources included) from under the GPL license (other licenses possible). Transmorpher is a joint development of the Exmo team ( of INRIA Rhône-Alpes and Fluxmedia. Its development is being supported by a ODL grant from INRIA.

[1] Jérôme Euzenat, Laurent Tardif, XML transformation flow processing, Markup languages: theory and practice 3(3):, 2002 (a pre-version is available at

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Contact: transmorpher - dev inrialpes . fr

Montbonnot, Voreppe, 01/11/2002