Tatiana Lesnikova, Interlinking cross-lingual RDF data sets, in: Proc. conference on ESWC PhD symposium, Montpellier (FR), (Philipp Cimiano, Óscar Corcho, Valentina Presutti, Laura Hollink, Sebastian Rudolph (eds), The semantic web: research and applications (Proc. 10th conference on European semantic web conference (ESWC)), Lecture notes in computer science 7882, 2012), pp671-675, 2013
[BibTeX:lesnikova2013a][DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-38288-8_49] [Show abstract]
Multilingual Mappings, Cross-Lingual Link Discovery, Cross-Lingual RDF Data Set Linkage
Data interlinking/Liage de données, Linked data/Web des données, Semantic web/Web sémantique