W3C Technical Plenary and Working Groups meetings

Cannes-Mandelieu, France, March 1-5, 2004

W3C hosts such an event once a year. It allows Working Groups to hold their face to face meetings, meet participants from other groups and collect information on outside groups activities during a Technical Plenary meeting . In march 2004, this event was hosted in Cannes-Mandelieu (France). Four days were devoted to the various working groups meetings, and one to the technical plenary meeting.

I attended the Semantic Web Interest Group face to face meeting as well as the Technical Plenary Day.

Semantic Web Interest Group

This face to face meeting was public, and was attended by many developers new to the community. The problems discussed were:

The 30 applications presented or discussed attest the vitality of the Semantic Web community. The implementation experiences presented should help developers to avoid the same problems. Some problems discussed here are still waiting for a solution:

Technical Plenary

After a Welcome session, the topics covered by the plenary meeting were:

Discussions between members of different Working Groups cannot be as constructive as the ones in a Working Group face to face meeting. It is however of vital importance to have such a quick view on what is happening in other Working Groups: they can have solutions to problems closely related to our own.

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