Conceptual modeling supported by semantic techniques

Esther Lozano

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Mercredi 23/01/2013 à 15h00

Amphith√©atre F107, INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, Montbonnot


Problem-based learning has been applied over the last three decades to a diverse range of learning environments. In this educational approach, different problems are posed to the learners so that they can develop different solutions while learning about the problem domain. When applied to conceptual modeling, and particularly to Qualitative Reasoning, the solutions to problems are models that represent the behavior of a dynamic system. The learner's task then is to bridge the gap between their initial model, as their first attempt to represent the system, and the target models that provide solutions to that problem. We propose the use of semantic technologies and resources to help in bridging that gap by providing links to terminology and formal definitions, and matching techniques to allow learners to benefit from existing models.
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