The multilingual Web of Data and the problem of cross-lingual ontology matching

Jorge Gracia

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Mardi 12/06/2012 à 14h00

Amphith√©atre F107, INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, Montbonnot


Recently, the Semantic Web has experienced significant advancements in standards and techniques, as well as in the amount of semantic information available online. Nevertheless, mechanisms are still needed to automatically reconcile information when it is expressed in different natural languages on the Web of Data, in order to improve the access to semantic information across language barriers.

In this talk, some challenges of the multilingual Web of Data will be discussed, with the focus on the necessity of establishing, representing and storing cross-lingual links. Furthermore, a new version of CIDER alignment tool, aimed at discovering cross-lingual ontology mappings, will be presented. Also lemon, a new model to represent ontology lexica, will be briefly introduced.
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