SSONDE: Semantic Similarity On liNked Data Entities

Riccardo Albertoni

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid & CNR

Mardi 16/10/2012 à 14h00

Salle C207, INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, Montbonnot


Linked data offers a promising setting to encode, publish and share metadata of resources. As the matter of fact, it is already adopted by data producers such as European Environment Agency, US and some EU Governs, whose first ambition is to share (meta)data making their processes more effective and transparent. Such as an increasing interest and involvement of data providers surely represents a genuine witness of the web of data success, but in a longer perspective, frameworks supporting linked data consumers in their decision making processes will be a compelling need.

In this respect, the talk is introducing SSONDE, a framework enabling in detailed comparison, ranking and selection of linked data resources through the analysis of their RDF ontology driven metadata. SSONDE implements an instance similarity especially designed to support in resource selection, namely the process stakeholders engage to choose a set of resources suitable for a given analysis purpose: (i) it deploys an asymmetric similarity assessment to emphasize information about gains and losses the stakeholders get adopting a resource in place of another; (ii) it relies on an explicit formalization of contexts to tailor the similarity assessment with respect to specific user-defined selection goals. The talk aims at providing an insight on SSONDE instance similarity and it will briefly describe some examples of SSONDE deployment in the context of linked data consumption.

Speaker's biography

Riccardo Albertoni is currently working as ERCIM "ALAIN BENSOUSSAN" post doc fellow at Ontology Engineering Group, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He got a Ph.D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering in April 2007 from the University of Genoa, Italy. He has been working for more than ten years at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology, part of the Italian National Research Council. His research activity has been focusing on Knowledge Management: Data Visualization, Metadata Analysis, Ontologies, Semantic Similarity and Semantic Granularity. Since 2009 his research interests have moved on linked data: exploiting linked data principles to publish and interlink Environmental Thesauri; deploying and maintaining the Nature Conservation Common Thesaurus and investigating tools to consume linked data datasets made available by third parties.
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