Ontological engineering: patterns, matching and mining

Vojtech Svatek

Knowledge Engineering Group, University of Economics, Prague

10/09/2009 à 9h30

Amphithéatre F107, INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, Montbonnot Saint-Martin


The practice of ontological engineering is likely, in the coming days, to increasingly rely on three pillars. First, instead of inventing ontological structures from scratch, libraries of small, carefully designed ontology fragments - ontology (design) patterns - will be reused and adapted. Second, instead of manually extending existing ontologies for a new application setting, they can be enriched with entities from other ontologies, based on (semi-)automatic matching. Third, mining for frequent structures in (one or multiple) ontologies will complement the manual design of ontology content as well as various maintenance operations. The talk will first briefly survey the scope of research of the Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) in Prague. Then activities related to ontological patterns, ontology matching and ontology-related mining will be presented in more detail. Finally, a recently envisaged project nicknamed PatOMat (for "Automation of Ontology Pattern Detection and Exploitation") will be outlined. The goal of this project, to be possibly undertaken in cooperation between KEG and EXMO, is to support pattern-based ontology transformation among different modelling styles, as well as ontology repair and refactoring. One of the motivations for such transformation (through correspondence patterns as defined by F. Scharffe) is to make ontology matching 'smarter'.

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