Argumentation over ontology mappings for agent communication

Loredana Laera

University of Liverpool

07/03/2007 à 14h00

Salle A104, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, Montbonnot Saint-Martin


In order to support semantic interoperation in open multi-agent systems, where agents can dynamically join or leave and no prior assumptions can be made about their ontologies, the different agents involved need to agree, or at least reach a mutual understanding, on the semantics of the terms used during their interoperation. Indeed, agents will differ inthe domain ontologies they commit to and their perception of the world, and, hence, in the choice of vocabulary used to represent concepts. Reaching such an agreement or mutual understanding can only come through a negotiation process.

This talk proposes an approach for supporting the creation and exchange of different arguments, that support or reject possible ontology mappings. Each agent can decide, according to its preferences, whether to accept or refuse a candidate correspondence. The proposed framework considers arguments and propositions that are specific to the matching task and are based on the ontology semantics. This argumentation framework relies on a formal argument manipulation schema and on an encoding of the agents' preferences between particular kinds of arguments.

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