Armen Inants, Jérôme Euzenat, An algebra of qualitative taxonomical relations for ontology alignments, in: Proc. 14th conference on International semantic web conference (ISWC), Bethleem (PA US), (Marcelo Arenas, Óscar Corcho, Elena Simperl, Markus Strohmaier, Mathieu d'Aquin, Kavitha Srinivas, Paul Groth, Michel Dumontier, Jeff Heflin, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Steffen Staab (eds), The Semantic Web - ISWC 2015. 14th International Semantic Web Conference, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States, October 11-15, 2015, Lecture notes in computer science 9366, 2015), pp253-268, 2015
[BibTeX:inants2015a][DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-25007-6_15] [Show abstract]
Relation algebra, Ontology alignment, Network of ontologies
Semantic web/Web sémantique, Ontology matching/Alignement d'ontologies